Oh My Heart EP

by Chris Avetta

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released October 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Chris Avetta San Diego, California

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Track Name: Better
Filled up my heart
with the light you gave
when I fell into the dark
Oh but I know
I lose the brave
when my lovin' ain't a-glow
And I was the vernal air
but I know It's getting colder
getting colder everywhere I
Go to flee your bright
but that don't mean
don't mean i'm not alright, right?
All warm days I was with you
I was yours and I was better
All warm days I was with you
I have gone and set ablaze
and the moonlight is your cannon fodder
All warm days I was with you
I have gone and set ablaze
and the moonlight is your cannon fodder
Track Name: Suitors
Little boys play nice
'til they see their bright new shiny toys
then it's take take take,
they are the same no matter what age.
They look at me sometimes
like I'll be that piece of magic sent for saving their lives
but I can't be no I can't
be if I can't even be that for me
oh look pretty look smart look shy
look like i never knew I'd be wasting my time
You saw me and said,
"I love you I love you
I'll love you until I am dead"
but you never did, no you never did
cause you're alive and I can't feel a goddamn thing
Suitors suit up
sing to me in four part harmonies
Track Name: Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time
we stayed up all night
too good to be true
wasn't morning light
Oh my heart, Oh my heart
As the tale unfolds
love won't do what it's told
but would wouldn't it be so
nice to break the mold
Oh my heart, Oh my heart
My baby don't see
he brought me to life
but how could, how could he?
I just wanted peace,
a little peace of mind
and maybe something right
Oh my heart, Oh my heart
Once upon a time
We stayed up all night
Track Name: Softer place To Land
Austin was a friend of mine with a curiouser eye
and on his second life he held the knife
that cut his heart from mine
wasn't he who said
Aint we all just looking' for a softer place to land?
But by god the truth it passes through
unlikely lips into my hands
and this gift is rarely seen in light of day
our darkest times are when we give ourselves away
ooo I could be wrong
ooo I'm just trying to get along
with a little bit of love
one day I think i might be getting something right
no more screaming crying cutting fighting
my way out of the night
cause dreaming easy primes the mind for waking up
and sometimes climbing ain't the way we rise above
who do you know
looking out be low
cause I don't see a single folk
wasn't he who said
Ain't we all just looking for a softer place to land?